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Job employess West Sumatra September 2013

Job employess West Sumatra September 2013 - Sumatra or West Sumatra is a province of Indonesia , located in the middle of the west coast of Sumatra island . The capital of West Sumatra Padang . West Sumatra province has an area of ​​42,012.89 km2 and is administratively divided into 12 districts and 7 autonomous city ( the city of Padang , Kota Solok , Sawahlunto City , Padang Panjang City , Pariaman City , Bukittinggi City , and Payakumbuh ) . According to the 2013 census conducted by the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) recorded the total population is 5,133,988 people of West Sumatra .

Currently West Sumatra Province and career opportunities with the latest job opening 2013 and is looking for workers who have the knowledge , skills and values ​​of customer focus , able to work with teams and individuals who are qualified to fill the position of :

The entire selection process is free of charge and the selection is done based on the competence of applicants , not because of another person or persons who promises graduation or the like .
Type in the admission selection test CPNS is a Basic Competence Test ( TKD ) using System CAT ( Computer Assisted Test ) .
According to the available budget, the number of applicants that will be included Basic Competence Test ( TKD ) is the number 8,000 ( eight thousand ) the first eligible applicants in proportion to the administration of the formation.
Elections 8000 ( eight thousand) is determined based on time applicants to register online , the applicants first register and meet the administrative requirements to meet the amount of 8,000 ( eight thousand ) people .
If the number of qualified applicants has reached 8,000 ( eight thousand ) , then the next application file is not processed again .
Once completed administrative selection , applicants will be given the status as follows:
QUALIFIED ( MS ) TKD exam , the eligibility criteria and categorized as administrative 8,000 ( eight thousand ) applicants first . Status examination schedule notified after the application file through a national registry website / website BKN / West Sumatra Provincial Government website .
NOT QUALIFIED ( TMS ) TKD exam , with the following criteria :
Does not meet the administrative requirements . Status examination can be notified when the application file through BKN website .
Not categorized 8,000 ( eight thousand ) applicants first . Status examination schedule notified after the application file is complete national registry website / website BKN / West Sumatra Provincial Government website .
Graduation of CPNS selection is determined based on the results of assessments carried out by the National Selection Committee .
Registration and / or submission of a cover letter is done outside the set schedule , will not be processed .
Committee's decision is final and can not be tampered with .
Cover letter and attachments to document the state and not be returned to applicants .
Any applicants who provide the data and information is not correct , canceled graduation and can be prosecuted in accordance with applicable regulations .
Applicants who have passed to the final stage of selection and have done filing but resigned , is required to reimburse the cost incurred by the committee Rp.15.000.000 (fifteen million dollars ) were paid to the treasury of West Sumatra Provincial Government and confirmed by letter statement signed by the participants on the stamp Rp . 6000 , - .
Announcements and other information related to the selection of candidates for Civil Servants can be viewed via the website or .
Announcement of the end of graduation applicants employess West Sumatra Provincial Government , will be submitted through the website and other media specified later .

Register online through ( 14 to 26 September 2013)
For more information about the job requirements and how to register online to apply at each position employess Jobs West Sumatra September 2013 , please refer to official sources at the following link below .
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